Known for their huge bodies and unique spotted patterns, whale sharks are the largest fish species in the world. Their primary diet consists of plankton and tiny fish. Tropical waters are frequently home to this type of species. 

The great white shark is a large, strong predator with razor-sharp teeth. Their home is the waters close to the coast, and they enjoy eating sea lions and seals. They’re very important to the sea.

Bull sharks are strong animals that can survive in freshwater and saltwater. They’re commonly found in rivers and close to the coast, and they have a reputation for being somewhat aggressive. They’re also curious and environment-adaptable.


Tiger sharks earned their name because they are large and have stripes similar to actual tigers. They live in warm waters and consume a wide variety of foods, including fish, birds, and even trash.


Mako sharks have a sleek, pointed look and are extremely fast swimmers. They eat swiftly moving fish and are found in the open ocean. This makes them dangerous predators in the wide ocean.


Despite having huge mouths and being the second largest shark species, basking sharks are gentle creatures that eat filters Basking sharks are calm, isolated creatures who wander the water in search of their next meal.